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I have ordered delivery from the Northward store many times. On a few occasions the store has forgotten a garlic bread or something but they have fixed it on the night by the driver dropping off the forgotten item(s) on their next round. I have never made a fuss of this and typically tip the drivers regardless. I understand that mistakes happen and appreciate people’s efforts. The last time I ordered delivery the order was quite mixed up and while a part of the order was rectified, we never got a garlic bread that we had ordered and paid for. I called the store to let them know. Instead of rectifying it on the night however, the person on the phone told me that they were too busy that night to deliver it and that next time I order to call the store directly instead of ordering online. When I did call them they would offer me a special deal (in the words of the person I spoke with at the time), they have left a special note on my account. I called tonight (4.4.22) and after briefly explaining the situation to the person that answered the phone I was then passed onto a supposed manager. He was incredibly rude and not helpful in the least. I tried to relay what had happened and speaking over me, he sarcastically said, so you want a free (that we have already paid for months ago) garlic bread. I tried relaying several things but didn’t get the opportunity to as he continued to speak over me every time I spoke. My husband was in the room and even he could hear the man speaking over me. This man made loud sigh noises, sniggered and claimed that I have only ever ordered at the Northward store once, which is entirely untrue. What I was trying to articulate to him was that I have experienced several times where the Northward store has forgotten our paid for items but they have always fixed it on the night and while this can be annoying I’ve never complained. On the last night night I had ordered I would have preferred it to be fixed on the night as it had been previously. However I was told that they would not give me what I had paid for and that I must wait and for doing so would be compensated for it. The inconvenience of not getting what I had paid for on the night was bad enough. I was more than reasonable about it. Having to wait for the next time I order to get something I have already paid for from a takeaway store no less is I reckon heaps shoddy to begin with. But then to be spoken to so incredibly rudely and be told that all he would offer is a free garlic bread is outrageous. I said to the man on the phone that if that’s the case then would he prefer I never order there again and he said well that’s your choice. However I have not had any choice in this matter at all. I was distinctly given the impression that if I waited and called next time I would get the garlic bread and more. Now, I have experienced an incredibly rude interaction and still have not been compensated for what I paid for let alone the inconvenience of having to wait for it.

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I reckon it would be reasonable to be compensated with a delivery of a free meal - 3 pizzas 3 sides as well as an apology from that awful man. However having observed the immaturity and incompetence of the staff, including the manager, I can only imagine that the food would be tampered with, for example spat on or something thereabouts. Therefore I would appreciate an apology from the supposed manager of the northward store along with my money returned from my last order.

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