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on 09 January 2021 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

1. I ordered a small pizza, light cheese, with pepperoni pineapple. I received a small pizza, light cheese w pepperoni pineapple.

2. The employee at the window KNEW my order was wrong did not try to correct it completely. The person in front of me, got a small pizza drove off wo paying. When I drove up, I was asked, Lisa? I said, Yes. She said $30 (something) I knew that amount was wrong I said, I paid online…? She said, Lisa Hites? And I said, No, Lisa DuPree. decided I would report it here.

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Suggested solution:

I should be given my correct pizza order: small pizza, light cheese, pepperoni pineapple, at no charge.

The person at the window attempted to correct it as best she could, as fast as she could, instead of being completely honest with me about the toppings still being wrong. While I appreciate being given a mostly correct order, I am more appreciative of employees being completely honest with me when they know my order is wrong, instead of trying to pass off a partially correct order for the same price as a correct order. Iate the order rec'd at window bc I didn't have time to wait an additional amount of time for the order to be corrected.

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