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on 28 August 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Good Morning,
On August 27th I order a large pizza with three toppings, specialty pizza, and cheese bread sticks with marinara sauce. The driver delivered (TarshaTasha) my food rang the door bell and left; forgot the marinara sauce and this is the second time this has happened. For 30 minutes the phone line was busy while trying to get in contact with Domino’s on 45th street. in Jax, Fl. When I finally got through and discussed the reason for my call the employee told me multiple times that I was lying I didn’t order any sauces; i read my order back to her and had someone in my home read it as well that is when she tells me that the cook must have messed up and didn’t put it in the box. I let her know that this is the second time this has happened.
She then tells me that I should have told the driver. I told her that the driver dropped the food off and just left. The delivery driver then jumps on the phone yelling in my ear telling me that I’m lying; she called me then rang the door bell and knocked. When I told her I watched her on my camera and saw her just ring the bell and leave she went to get her phone out of the car to prove that she called. The delivery driver came back to the phone to say that actually I didn’t call but I know that I rang the door bell and waited; what you want a refund for $.60 cent or something?. No apology no remorse just rude. I couldn’t even enjoy my food. I told her I just wanted someone to deliver the sauce but since she’s was so rude I want a Full Refund of my $34. The driver hung up in my face.
I called back and I asked for the manager and was told the manager not finna come to the phone over No sauce; its not that serious and hung up again.
I called back again and asked for the manager; it took him 10 minutes to come to the Phone by I ended up speaking to Alberto. I explained to him my issues and how rude and disrespectful his employees were this evening. He processed to tell me that he will not refund me for the entire meal unless he can send a delivery driver back to my house to pick up the food. I told him that by this time my food had been delivered two hours ago so my child has eaten and so have I plus that’s not sanitary with COVID going on. Alberto told me that he would still have the driver come and would refund me for what was not eaten. That’s nasty. I told him not to send a delivery driver to my house and he can refund me. He said ok. I called back a few minutes later to make sure he has done it he said that he was sending a delivery driver (Antonio) to my house to get the food then he would give me my refund. I told him if his delivery driver shows up at my house after I told him not to do that I would call the police for trespassing. He said oh well, he is on his way to get the food or I will not receive a refund.
They are rude, disrespectful, and they do not have customer service stills at all; not even the manager. My entire customer service experience with Domino’s is ruined.
I have attached a picture of my online order with the proof my online order and I also have the phone records to prove that I started calling them the moment I realized my sauce wasn’t in the box and the chicken was cold.

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I would like a full refund of the $34 I spent tonight.

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