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on 11 July 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Your delivery bike riders in Toowong nearly knocked me over today and the horn they sound is way to loud and frightening us.
They should not be riding on the footpath and they expect pedestrians to get out of the way! i see it all the time!!!
THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO GIVE WAY to pedestrians. This happened Saturday eveningnight on Lissner street the male rider could have and should have been cycling on the empty road but choose to ride on footpath came up behind sounded his horn very loud..
Someone will get assaulted if this continues and i won’t hesitate in talking to council about it too.I am sick of it everytime i go out they dont give way…
Regards Matt.

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Memo to your bike riders, they need a good talking too about pedestrians have the right of way and they should not be riding on footpath at all times unless deliverin. Read the road rules.
Bikes should be on road not footpath especially when there were no cars on Lissner street at the time. The rider chose to ride with pedestrians walking on footpath!

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