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on 19 April 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

During this difficult time dealing with the Coronavirus I have been taking all precautionary measures to stay safe and sanitized. On April 18, after reading online that Domino’s offers “no contact” delivery service, and after contemplating whether it was safe, I decided to place an order with Domino’s. I phoned in my order, paid with my card and advised the cashier where they could place my order upon delivery. About 45 minutes later I heard a knock on my door (wrong door) and looked out and noticed the delivery person holding my order. I slightly opened my door and told the delivery person to place the order on the step and I would retrieve it later. The delivery person stated the delivery required a signature and I stated I had already paid for my purchase with my credit card and that Domino’s had a no contact delivery service. The driver stated he could not leave my purchase and again stated it required my signature. I hesitantly signed to avoid an argument and the delivery person left. I also noticed during my encounter with the delivery person he was not wearing any gloves or mask which left me with the impression that Domino’s does not care about the safety of their customers or their employees. I proceeded to contact the manager and advised her of my concern regarding their delivery service. She did not seemed one bit concerned about the delivery service and stated that it’s the customer’s responsibility to request no contact delivery service. I mentioned that I placed an order because I read online that Domino’s had a no contact delivery service. Her attitude was as if she was too busy to hear my concern and again stated it’s the customer’s responsibility to request no contact delivery service.
After this awful experience I had with Domino’s I feel they have no regard for the health and safety of my family or their employees. Therefore; after twenty plus years of being a customer I will no longer be giving Domino’s my business.

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Have some regard for the safety of the customers and employees. Educate the employees and management of the policies and the safety of the customers.

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11 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Dominos Pizza

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