Complaint: Informing the customer about store power during storm and help by managers

on 05 June 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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To whom it may concern this is a complaint about the Royersford Pennsylvania Domino’s Pizza branch on Lewis road. On Wednesday night June 2 at approximately 623 I placed an order with that store online and was watching my order on the tracking device well a major storm came through our area and I looked on the tracker and it was still in the prepare mode so I waited another 15 minutes and then called the store and was perceived to be told that it was Going to be 2 to 3 hours before I got my order. So I proceeded to cancel the order. My wife checked our debit card on Thursday to see if our money has been refunded and it was pending so I proceeded to call the store at 5 o’clock to talk to the manager. The manager on duty was named Carrie and he was from the Phoenixville Pennsylvania location he proceeded to tell me that they would remake the order and send it out to me as a Com for what happen the previous night. I waited for an hour and 45 minutes and call back to the store and the same gentleman proceeded to tell me that the order had been placed in the computer properly he promised me that he was going to redo it and then cut me some more food free food which I appreciate it and we weighed it it was almost 7:45 when we called again and hear the order was up under the heating rack wait. This manager should have made this a priority order and told the next driver to take it right away this did not happen. My wife went over to the location and some of the free food that was promised to me hadn’t even been made so she had to wait more by the time she got home it was 830 which I’m very upset about. I know in this situation that society is dealing with certain things happen. This whole situation with my order should have been handled much better than what it was handled by. Because Of this the chances my wife and I order from Domino’s is very unlikely this is not the first time that I’ve had issues with this particular branch but those issues were minor compared to what happen Wednesday night and Thursday night.

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Dominoes should institute a training on how to Resolve a situation that is extraordinary as in losing power and customers placing orders during this time in the store cannot produce the order. Also training the managers on when they make a promise to a customer it becomes priority over the other orders

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