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hi so back a good few weeks ago I ordered a lot of food I am a regular customer with dominos and have been for years this store is new to me as I have recently moved to the area!

I ordered my food manager was very kind on the phone
My delivery come.. and the delivery driver was shouting outside my house for a good minute or so my neighbour phoned me and asked if I had ordered food because there is a delivery driver shouting outside my house. I wasn’t aware he was outside before this.
My partner goes to the door to find the food on the floor box half open where he has chucked it down on the ground angrily!
My partner asks what is he shouting about? He then replies with a lot of bad language including swearing such as ‘fuck off’ ‘we don’t fucking deliver here’ My partner says but we spoke to manager and he was fine with it? We are regular customers! The delivery driver then shouts we don’t fucking deliver here do you not understand so whilst this was taking place out side of my house my neighbour got involved and told the driver to go away! Forgot to mention I HAVE My 9month old baby in doors!! Scared of the driver shouting!!!!!!!!!

I sat with my daughter still whilst she was scared and called the store immediately whilst the driver was still outside I spoke to manager straight away and he told me he was going to give the driver a written warning ect

But this is NOT ON!
We didn’t eat our food as I say it was throw to the floor and box was open I couldn’t bare the thought of him being that angry and spitting in my food or something I generally could not stomach it! I doubt he did spit on it but just to be sure We didn’t eat it!

We shouldn’t have to feel like this from dominos we spend £40 every single time we Order!!!

I have left a note on the dominos website I filed in the survey thing left my name number address and problem and was told I was going to get response In 5 days! This hasn’t been the case when I havnt had anything back for over a month! I have called the domino’s customer Servise number several times and have been told different times that someone would call me back and NO ONE HAS!
this is awful Servise I never thought I would experience any of this with you guys considering it’s my favourite place ever!!!!!!

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By choosing nice deliver drivers with respect for customers
And apologising to me Also want my money back aswell as a good will or something!

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