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on 28 March 2021 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I decided to order from Domino’s Pizza because I had a gift card. The order was a meat lovers pizza , breadsticks, and 16 piece Boneless Buffalo wings. The total was over $40 dollars , what a rip off… I went in to get my order and pay and it wasn’t ready. The chicken wasn’t in the right box . When I got home the pizza was sliced like a toddler did it .. I went to eat my chicken and there was no sauce…… this is a major pet peeve… never fails…. especially after paying over 40 bucks for that cardboard …. I called and asked politely about my sauce . They asked my address and said they would bring it right out… well, I’m still waiting. That’s just stupid that they don’t put the sauce on in the first place. I ordered wings not chicken nuggets… I was just very frustrated especially after paying that much. I will NOT be going back . EVER

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