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I’m going to be as direct as possible. I do not like to leave bad feedback on any business as I know how tough it can be at times working with the general public. To give you an idea of how much service means to me and how important it is and now more than ever during these trying time’s we are going through as a nation. I resigned from a small business management role in which I lead the regional Net Promoter campaign for a well known telecommunications company in town. With 18 years of business management and SmallMedium Business Management. I decided to start my own company and now I am a realtor within the area. To get to why I’m taking the time to write you I want to be a transparent as I can get when I say that I have never had such aweful customer service in any industry as I had at the Domino’s Store at 505 Broadway Street ok n Alexandria. I pre-ordered my pizza walked in to pick it up. There wasn’t any customer in the store aside from myself waiting patiently for the gentleman working the front to acknowledge that I’m there as the signbatbyhe front in all bold letters read EMPLOYEES ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT! Bybyhe front door. Now to give you an idea of this stores size I am standing about 10 feet from the gentleman who is not working with another’s order nor anything else. When he finally gets to asking me what I need…I said I had an order ready and my name. The employee was confused on the name so I pointed out that it was the name on the TV order screen….He walked over to get my Cash for the pizza which I get with Covid is kinda odd and let the gentleman know to keep the 3 dollars in change as s tip as he seemed to be needing a pick me up. Afterbtaking the cash he then literally stood in front of me (8fedt away) talking to another employee as I waited no joke 8 to 10 minutes in awkward silence. I seriously pretended to take a call because of the weirdness of the situation. There was a stack of pizza sitting this entire time next to both employees on the counter which I assumed was for a curbside pickup. I am a kind and patient individual more so than the average person beings I know and support the communities sma businesses as well as being in the industry myself I can appreciate thatbthere are times where mistakes happen. This was different on many levels so bad I think it will be the end of your franchise in town. I used to support Mike Koenig the franchise owner at this location and had worked with him on many different occasions. I do not believe he is the owner anymore as I couldn’t imagine or I sure hope this would not have happened while he did. Well anyway after 10 awkward minutes I speak up and ask if my order was ready and the employees looked at me and said that the pizza on the counter was mine….What!! I asked why they didn’t tell me that 10 minutes ago and how they could just stand and talk as I stood there and the employees told me they did and that I should have grabbed it. I pointed out that the sign at the front stated to not pass the point of entry as well as how the employee came to me to grab cash payment because of that very reason. The gentleman was rude about it and I was kind to mention that I tipped him on a walk in order that I stood there for 10 minutes staring into his eyes while he did nothing….After getting home I realized that they didn’t get my full order. Went back to the store and was angry at that point not going to lie but the gentleman asked me whatbI wanted him to do about the situation…Yeah I just simply reiterated that I wanted my full order which I so patiently waited for and he says I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS SO TELL ME! Wowza yeah I just can’t even tell you how toxic this store is for anyone with stock in. Domino’s. No doubt it will end this location I know it is especially popular with others that decide to go there for dinner either. Just thought I’d let you know in the event that you were to actually be proactive and take care of the situation..

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I don't think it will be. I know that you are short a general manager as well as a district manager for this area. Not sure what happened but I'm sure you know as well as I do that needs to be rectified as soon as possible. If it was my team I would clean house and start a fresh build. I don't see anything else working.

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