Complaint: Damaged property

on 11 February 2021 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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The delivery driver went several times through my yard and in one area is a trench about 15feet in length least 12 inches deep in places driver was in a pickup truck I called the store and talk to the manager Dennis he assured me he would check into it and see what was going on no the next week I called and spoke to Dennis again same exact words out of his mouth third time I called I got Brandon Brandon said he wouldn’t have nothing to do with it I have to talk to Dennis called back and talk to Dennis Dennis said that he is going to fix it like I’ve heard three times before and I’ll tell you I tried to call Shawn who is the owner and of course I get no answer or return you know I’m really tired of it where did they think they get off doing such a thing and not responsible to repair it Domino’s on talking about is on Peters Creek Parkway at Salisbury Street it’s in that little strip mall my
something about this I went through of going through the other channels it does not work

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Fix it
Image is bad but you get the point.

Damaged property
Damaged property
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