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on 29 September 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Normally Domino’s is on point with their food , but tonight was different completely disappointing,if it wasnt for the fact that I just got home from a 13hr shift of labor work my wife who just had a baby 3 months ago , that is a stay at home mom was hungry tired, neither one of us wanted to cook , I would of thrown the whole thing in the trash asked for my money back.

1. We left Specific instructions for contactless delivery, that were NOT followed at all .. TWICE! I went unlocked my glass door prior to the driver coming left the money under the mat .. which I wrote in the Delivery instructions in the app .
Not only did he not come up like asked , but he rang my doorbell repeatedly in a row like he was the police, I didnt even get to get up all the way before he rang it again n again n again.. I asked to just leave the food at my DOOR the glass door would be unlocked for a REASON .. 1. There is a NEW BORN baby sleeping it was around 8pm when I placed my order 2. Covid . Again NEW BORN BABY in our house .
So not only did the driver wake our baby up BUT they also forgot to give us our soda , we called them up , the lady who answered was super nice apologized, things happen so I wasnt to upset they forgot our drink… BUT I asked her if she could please tell the driver to NOT ring my door bell just walked up leave it at my door . 25mins later the guy shows up for the 2nd time RINGS my door bell AGAIN leaves the soda outside … like how can one not follow simple instructions.. it was bad enough that I had to go outside grab my food from him, when it was suppose to be contactless delivery, the guy didnt even have a mask on . I had to do that TWICE … it was ridiculous.. but we dont stress it , cause we’re pretty laid back people normally. . We finally get ready to eat our food was no longer hot due to the wait , but if that wasnt bad enough, our new taco pizza was completely BURNT .. My wings barely had any sauce on them… but we ate it cause we weren’t gonna take the chances of him coming back and waking up the baby again .

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I would like a response back a apologize for this extremely poor experience.

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