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On April 17, 2020, I asked my daughter to call Dominos Pizza because I were driving. She called to ask about prices on their large pizzas, also she tried to asked about the topping to see if the prices would be different depend on what you add to the pizza before the worker were so rude and disrespectful. I ask my daughter to hang up and I would drive to Dominos Pizza and park and call to ask about the prices on the large pizza before I order. I called an African lady answer the phone I could see her threw the window because I were sitting outside in front of Dominos. As I perceive to ask about the prices of the large pizza she told me I can look online and find out that information, I were so amazed about what she said- I ask the question again ( thinking maybe she didn’t mean it the way she said it) . Not only did she repeated it SHE said it the same way and she hung up the phone in my face. I were so upset and couldn’t believe she would talk to customers the way she did. She DO NOT have good PEOPLE SKILLS to deal with the public. I called back later and I asked to talk to the manager, but the young man who answer the phone hesitated when I asked for the manager. Afterward I ask the name of the manager he did the same thing hesitated for a few second then told me Matthew. I talk to a person that told me he were Matthew. Matthew apologize and told me he had problems before with here attitude, also that he will talk to her and she will be written up. I don’t order from Dominos, but my children love the pizza. With the customer services I received yesterday I can spend my money where we are appreciated. I work for a school district if I talk to the parents or children the way she talked to us I wouldn’t have a JOB.Thank you for your time and understanding.
Bernice B Davis

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First the manager need to talk to her about how she talks to the CUSTOMERS. Dominos are going to lose GOOD customers .2. She needs to be written up and explain to her why. 3.She does not need to answer the phone with the attitude she has. She needs to work on her PEOPLE SKILLS. WE all need our JOB especially when the covid-19 has affected so many people lives with NO JOB. She should to be THANKFUL she has a JOB. My children loves Dominos Pizza rewarding them would be so ever THANKFUL. Thank you for your time and understanding.

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