Complaint: the store looks more like a JUNK store with no pride

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My complaint:

The store is dirty, unstocked shelves, blocked isles with items on carts needing to be placed on shelves, cases of unopened item on shelves,and what is on the shelves looks like no one knows how to face shelves or organize the items for a customer to find. The auto entry doors are always standing open to allow any rodent, insects, birds, or any animal into the store creating a health issue. I only saw one employee, the cashier in the store. When a complaint is voiced to the manager it falls on deaf ears. I would like shop locally, but a junk store, second hand store or garage sale is better organized than your store.

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Suggested solution:

Hire help with some pride. Stock your shelves. Remove unstocked items out of the isles. Clear items laying in the floor that should be on the shelves. Get the doors fixed so they do not stand open. Train your employees to do their job. Maybe your employees need to vista store like My View, OK to see how a store need to be run. Maybe you need to hire a new district manager.

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