Complaint: Took money out of my account after saying they would take care of the issue and now wont refund the money

on 09 May 2022 about Dish Network in category TV Providers

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My complaint:

Ive been with dish network for 20 years minus 2 that we swiched to direct because of a special offer. my bill has continue to go up and we lose channels all the time and any time i would call about my bill they would basically say i could have it lowered if i drop all the channels i like. So about 8 months ago I made the decision to end my dish account completely. I called to cancel twice and they talked me into pausing my account for 6 months. When i got an email saying the pause was up and i would be charged 245 dollars i called to cancel yet again. I was furious. I told them I’m tired of messing with them. The lady I spoke with told me she would remove the $245 charge and would work away out to lower my bill to 87 and keep my channels i told her I didnt want to resign a contract. She said that she would remove the $245 and put my account on hold for 6 more months if I would keep my account open. So i told her I would talk to my husband about doing it for the 87 but for now i would do the 6 months on hold. The next thing I know i get a thing from my bank saying dish took $145 dollars out of my account. I immediatly called because it was pending and talked to someone to have it stopped. I finally get through to the right person she tells me in order for me to try to get the money back I have to close the account and the next day after its closed i can call back to talk to them. I call back the next day and they try to tell me i owe them $13.00 and that they arent giving me my money back i argue with them i speak to a supervisor who was very rude and pretty much just tells me i can talk to corporate and she will have them call me thats been 48 hours ago still no phone call. After being a customer for 18 years Im very disappointed in dish and if they had fixed the $145 charge and tried to fix what they had done wrong i would still be a customer. I want my $145 dollars back. when i asked them to read me back the notes from all my phone calls they point blank only read the parts of them saying what they would offer me and I asked if it was recorded where the parts were of them telling me they would fix the charges she basically said it didnt show it anywhere. So basically they only take note of what they want repeated. I feel like I have been done very wrong. I want someone to call me and i want my money back.

Suggested solution:

they need to call and make right on what they did and refund me the full 145.00

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