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My complaint:

Today has been three weeks ago I called Direct Express for replacement MasterCard. All transactions kept getting declined with over two thousand on the card. Direct Express told me the card was defective; this was not true. Some transactions worked others transactions were declined(always used card as debit at all merchants, unless debit not available; then would run as Master Card. Told 7-10 business days to receive new card…however it has now been 13 business days 17 total days. Called Direct Express and asked if I could transfer funds to my bank. Told No, Not Without the Card. Additionally called and asked Direct Express to please cancel the card which was allegedly issued(not received), and I’d gladly pay to have overnighted. Was told by Direct Express this can not be done until new card has been received or longer then quoted time frame. Even with it now being longer then quoted and having all of my contact information is correct. Direct Express will not send replacement card; even when I’ve politely offered to pay charges to have overnighted and explaining to direct express it’s been longer then there quoted time frame. Now having to seek alternative ways to eat and pay bills (selling personal belongings at Flea Market and Craigslist.
This would be main complaint; Direct Express quoted card would be delivered within 7-10 business days. Since it was not and has now been right at three weeks today(no new card). Still not able to have overnighted or transferred to my bank account per Direct Express. No way to get new card, or have a transfer…don’t know how to get access to funds. Needing for seven medications and upcoming bills which will now be past due(with additional past due charges; out of my control). With my health condition needing one controlled medication and seven other prescriptions I will now have to check into Mental Hospital per several doctors and do not know how to get replacement direct express master card, or get access to these funds.

Suggested solution:

Allow me to pay overnight fees (which will have tracking information) and cancel the Direct Express Card, which told should have been received.

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