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on 31 December 2020 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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On Nov 6,I called Direct Express,not knowing,who used my card,taking $125.after calling them I learned it was the car lot whom I financed my car.Direct Express advertises that customers are protected by not being held liable for those transactions.So I made a complaint.Ivwas told and received a package and if filled out and be returned within ten business days that my money would be returned.I did so,even sending it back at my local postoffiv
They claimed they did NOT RECIEVE IT UNTIL THE 11TH D1AY JUST TO RENIG ON RETURNING MY MONEY.I then received a letter stating they investigated and no error had occurred.This is all a scam .They falsly advertise the protection then lie to people.They don’t care that this is the only financial help some get.allowing people to help themselves whenver they want to customers money.Why say I am protected against unauthorized transactions made on my account if the company does not protect us by allowing it to happen.This is false advertisement.You can’t trust them to protect your money.Itsca game it’s a lie and it’s a scam

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After sending in the paperwork within their timeframe like requested,they should have credited me the money back like they claim they do.Instead they lied stating they have not recurved it until one day later than the ten day frame.I live in Seguin,mail takes only takes two days to get to San San Antonio. after 5 days they said it still had not arrived.Thats a lie to not credit me the money back.Second,the investigation concludes they found no error.I never said they made an error.I stated that an unauthorized transaction had occurred when my card was declined for insufficient funds.Their customer service rep told me who it was that did it.I called because my purchase was declined when I knew I should have had the funds in my account.So how can my complaint be thrown out if I did not tell the merchant to withdraw money from my account.Isnt that an unauthorized transaction.They need to keep their word and return my money since they state that customers are protected and not liable for unauthorized transactions

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