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on 27 June 2020 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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My name is Jean, and i turned 90 yrs old in january 2020. I have suffered more hardships ( especially financial)in the last 5 yrs than most could ever imagine. I lost my home of 35 years as a result of Hurricane Harvey. I was relocated to a total of 6 different hotels in mo city texas for almost 8 months and then i had to relocate to an extended stay elderly facility which i did not find home. During this time i had my identity stolen and a almost 3 year financial miss to clean up and i never was able to regain my credit score of 810 for almost 32 years. my cell phone was lost in the flood and i was almost 18 months without oany type of communication. ( cell phone plus equipment I had no access to the internet therefore the fraud ID thieft was difficult for me to identify so i suffered major financial crisis. As i was just getting back on my feet I suffered a bad fall in my kitchen which lead to a fractured hip. That same week the coronia virus hit the US and we were quickly into a pandemic. I had surgery and 3 months rehab ( mandatory home health due to virus). I am on a fixed income so i have very little money left once i pay my bills. My estate attorney heard i was hospitalized and offered to help me with my finances. I was suprisingly informed that I had 5 reoccurring monthly charges on my direct express mc that clearly were not mine and clearly not authorized by me. One of these charges was from LA Fittness mo city tx and for almost 1 year they were debiting my account on or before the first week of the month for an amount of 63.00 to 120.00 per month. As i mentioned i had 5 other similar charges as this one which has drained my direct express bankdebit card account. I am devastated by this news and badly struggling financially to just make ends meet. I have notified direct express regarding my unfortunate situation and really begged for there help in getting these fraudulent reoccurring monthly unauthorized charges reversed immediately (as a courtesy) and credited back into my account so that i can continue to financially keep my head above the water. I asked for them to please make an acceptation for me and reverse these fees asap today so that I have enough money for my monthly medication and food. I sent a brief one page letter with supporting data to the executive offices of direct express comerica bank in Dallas Texas. I have had no luck with getting a response from anyone at direct express. Again since i have no cell phone it is very difficult to contact them since i have to share a land line with 13 other elderly focks. I have not been able to fully recover from my surgery in March and this financial hardship stressful situation is something I am unable to cope with. I am begging that you understand my situation and help me get my hard earned money back into my account. At my age I feel as though Direct Express should do all it can to immediacy reverse these unauthorized charges for me. I am a navy veteran widow of 18 yrs and i have lived a good clean life…. this is not right, i am looking to this financial organization Direct Express to help me with any and all actions they can take to reinstate my monthly fraudulent charges back into the account. I can not afford to wait while they perform an investigation. I would never ask for something that I did not deserve especially in a time like i am in now, I appreciate any and all you can do to help me, I sure do need help. God Bless You. Jean

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Review my letter asap and make the financial adjustments as i have outlined in my account. I will be forever grateful. It is very simple I have almost 1 year of monthly reoccurring charges thst have bben done fraudulently and i am suffering from the money being taken for this account.

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