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on 26 September 2020 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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I woke up on the 1st checked my Direct Express cards and there were two charges on my card one for almost $100 each that I did not authorize. I called them immediately told them the problem told them that I needed to file a dispute at that point they were supposed to order me a new card and send out the dispute form they told me it was being handled about the middle of July I called and asked. About the middle of July I asked for a dispute form again cuz I never received one Dan August first came I didn’t have a card or dispute form I had to call 12 times to get ahold of someone each time I was on hold for an hour to two hours plus I finally got a card shipped out to me and they sent the dispute form out to me I filled it out within 2 days and sent it back then they told me that I didn’t qualify for the funds to be immediately on my account because I didn’t do it within the 10 days while I never had the form sent to me within the 10 days. I sent it back within 10 days of them sending it to me now it’s September the end of September I still don’t have the dispute resolved the money is not back on my card and now I just got a letter saying that there’s no problem and that they’re not responding the money however the numbers that they gave me that it were associated to this purchases came from a fake line the number says that is no longer in service or working number I have no idea what even these purchases are associated to I have held last week online for a manager six times and every time I wait one time was an hour and 57 minutes the other time was an hour and 37 minutes the other time was 2 hours and 20 minutes and then I get disconnected on no manager will ever answer the phone and this problem is going on his company’s supposed to be protecting our interests not blowing us off and I’m out $200 no one is willing to help me it’s negligent and unprofessional

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Help me resolve this problem have someone that will call me because I've waited numerous times on hold to talk to someone no one will talk to me. I'm booked into this because whatever products supposedly was ordered I never received and there is no one to call the company to complain to that is obviously a negligent fraud charge this company has been very unprofessional

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