Dennys Dinner complaint: Missing items and spoiled gravy

Complaint from imno1swoman reported on 18 November 2023 about Dennys Dinner

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My complaint:

i placed an online order thru the Denny’s website to be delivered. Order 1535720 or 1585720 ( cannot make out third number either a 3 or an 8 on reciept) Order was placed at 4:10am arrived 5:05 am I know this restaurant they are not busy at all during this time for one and shouldnt of taken an hour to prepare for and then deliver it.
I ordered a stack of pancakes side of bisquits and sausage gravy and two sides of sausage gravy.
When it finally arrived the food was cold, I heated up the b and g the gravy looked a little off took a bite and it tasted spoiled and was of brown color not the usual color.
The pancakes had black things inside and outside of them. I only recieved one extra gravy.
I attempted to contact them immediately 5 times each time when said hold for someone they never answered and it hung up on you i then pressed the number as if i was going to place a order first person i got ahold of transferred me after i told him not to the second was a very nice lady her name was Sadhena she attempted to contact them too on two seperate lines and even checked and told me you are correct they are not busy at this time she gave me the number to corporate
I would like a full refund of my order

Suggested solution:

full refund

Missing items and spoiled gravy
Missing items and spoiled gravy
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