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Dennys Dinner complaints:

Over charged for meal

Complaint from on 13 September 2022 about Dennys Dinner in category Restaurants

When 1st arrived asked what the soup of the day was, because they had one senior lunch item listed, grilled cheese and soup. I got my sandwich and 10 min later the waitress tells me it's going to be... Read more

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Dropped Superslam??

Complaint from on 11 March 2022 about Dennys Dinner in category Restaurants

Went to Denny’s closest to me this morning, and was advised I could no longer order a Superslam, as it had been dropped from the computer. This was one of my favorite breakfasts, and indeed one of the reason... Read more

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Complaint from on 01 April 2021 about Dennys Dinner in category Restaurants

Gaby acevedo is a news man in NYC who cannot be understood since his command of the English language is terrible. Please give him diction lessons. How can news ever be taken seriously with a reporter who cannot be understood. Read more

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bad customer service

Complaint from on 07 January 2020 about Dennys Dinner in category Restaurants

I waited for my order, my order wasn't right, so I asked the cashier how to substitute my order. INstead of helping me first, since I was the first in line, she decided to help other who were behind me,... Read more

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Lack of Customer Service

Complaint from on 10 December 2018 about Dennys Dinner in category Restaurants

On the afternoon of the 8th of December at 4:15pm I grabbed a menu and placed my order with the manager on duty. Very young dark haired girl can't recall her name. Turkey and dressing dinner with fries and mashed... Read more

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