Delta Air Lines complaint: Check In Denial

on 21 June 2022 about Delta Air Lines in category Airlines

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My complaint:

After explaining to a Priority Seating Representative that my passport and Driver’s License was missing, I was told that I would not be able to check in. The representative gave me instructions to contact the Consulate or try Airline Volaris. I went to the Consulate on Monday, because they were closed over the weekend. I purchased a new passport that took 2.5 days to come in. I was informed by a staff member that Delta Airlines could have sent me home without my missing ID’S. I was scheduled to leave on June 4 but left on June 8. I reviewed the TSA requirements, and it states that if you complete the identity verification process and it is ed that you are able to check in. I was not informed of this and if I was, would have departed at my scheduled time and so would my sister, who was traveling with me. This oversight cost me 4 additional days in a hotel, a new plane ticket for my sister, passport fees, food costs and taxi rides. My ticket was changed without additional fees, however my sister was traveling from another state on another airline and her ticket could not be changed. She hanged her flight plans to make sure I was not alone and therefore I purchased her ticket for her return.

Suggested solution:

I would like to be reimbursed for hotel, plane ticket, baggage fee, and passport fees I incurred. Two round trip plane tickets would also suffice, if they are close the value to what expenses I accrued.

Villa Del Palmar Mar Puerto Vallarta- $602.00 (Saturday-Tuesday)
Delta one way ticket $430.97
Passport $165.00 (One year only)
Baggage fee $30.00
Total without food and taxi $1,227.97

(Total without food Taxi)

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