Complaint: Unkept room

on 30 January 2021 about Days Inn in category Hotels / Motels

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The room was very dity floors unsweeptThere’s blood on the walls in the bed and the pillowcases the bathroom there’s also food in the bathroom there’s nasty stuff in the toilet and in the tub and it is disgusting there was no remote to the TV there is on I personally think that A vacuum a toilet brush maybe a scrub brush on the walls would do and I don’t know about you guys but I like to have a shower curtain on my bathtub there’s no shower curtain I had to shower with no shower curtain water all over the floor fell and busted my ass and might need to go to Medcheck to get that checked out

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I have atlest 20 pics of gum stuck to bed and blood and dirt i have seen drugThis is just plain disgusting I have seen drug motels cleaner than this room bled all over the toilet all over the walls all over the floors all over the bed there’s going on stuck to the bed there’s blood there’s mold in the bathroom there’s dirt on these tables nobody wiped them off nobody swept the floors and they put blood in the bed they never even change the sheets I don’t think I think I need to get my money back 100% and I feel like y’all oh me a night y’all me an extra night so that’s not what I feel I feel like you guys Omie some money because I got all these pictures I’m bout to go take you guys up to take this to the news

Unkept room
Unkept room
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