Complaint: Unethical Pharmacy Practices

on 16 January 2022 about CVS Pharmacy in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

On 1152022 my son visited an Urgent Care Piedmont facility near Vernon Rd (Dunwoody Village) to be exact. Our instructions were to pick up the medications at CVS pharmacy 4537-Atlanta Ga 1610 Mt Vernon Rd Ste 100 behind Old Farm House. We went over and was greeted by a young lady name Betty who had standing behind her two employees (One was the Manager, DeMarco Harris Marco) and another black young lady who stood by and did not correct the actions of the employee Betty. It was 5:56 PM and the pharmacy closed at 6. Betty and all of the employees stood at the window looking as if something was amiss. I was taken aback by everyone at the window however, Betty proceeded to say that the prescription was for tomorrow and that Urgent care did not call in the medicine yet and how it was for tomorrow and we had to come back. Betty then said she needed to close the window because it is cold and for use to come inside. I asked her to contact Urgent Care to get the order corrected my son needed his asthma medicine now because the Dr office is closed which is our reason for coming into Urgent Care. Usually the pharmacy person come to the window assist and close the window to fill the need of the customer. While we pulled around Betty was running to her car and got in. We walked in and the pharmacy was closed! No one was there and we asked the employee that was stocking the shelf where was the pharmacy people. We took pic of the time and the pharmacy window all locked and lights off. How insensitive and uncaring this was. My son needed his medicine and they lied to us that the prescription was for another day when it was for the same day. How sad this was to do a person who has a medical need be treated. My son is disabled and I will also make a complaint to the disability act discriminating against his well being because this should have never happened! We ended up calling and going back to the facility to get them to send to Walmart and we had 25 mins to get over there to get his medicine that he needed badly. Atlanta was under a weather advisory from Saturday night to Sunday and I had to drive all the way back to the store to get names for my letter and I was greeted by the same black lady and black Manager that I was shocked to learn he was the same Manager that stood behind Betty unethical work practices. I said you said nothing nor did the other black lady you all just looked at me and kept quiet. You all are just as responsible for her wrong doings as you allowed her to mistreat and dismiss a customer who had a prescription in hand and needed medicine for a disabled person that you turned away in an uncaring cold manner. Demarco (Manager) said that they waited for me 15 mins and called all other customers name that were in the store. I said that is a lie. You all did no such thing as we pulled around like we were told and that young lady who opened the window (Betty) was running for her life outside getting into her car. I immediately said why is she running to the car she had on a athletic sweatshirt (gray I believe) and I know it was her because I saw her at the window and when she ran out. Then Marco (Manager) decided to agree yes she did leave but she was the only one that left. I said not true you all had lights off and place locked down with the bars pulled down, we have pictures. Marco then stopped making excuses. I told Marco I know that this was indeed unethical and how I am going to write my complaint not only to the board but to CVS and others who need to know what you all did. Please pull the tape because you all can see clearly the time stamp and when we pulled up to the window.

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Suggested solution:

They could never resolve it because the actions of them all were unethical practices and I will make sure to never visit this CVS again. SOmething needs to be done with them all. Perhaps fired. Its obvious they did not care to assist somene who has a medical need therefore they should all find other jobs that does not deal with helping people. That was certainly not helpful.

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