Complaint: Redirect clinic refusing treatment

on 11 September 2021 about CVS Pharmacy in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

Today I walked in to the clinic with my 2 children. I hadn’t made an appt because unless u want a covid screening there is no option online to schedule. So walk in was the plan. The clerk at the desk takes my info and sets us to come back in 6 hrs. I request strep tests for myself and my 6 yr old because 2 days ago my older son had tested positive for strep and now we all have symptoms. So I skipped the pediatrician to get us both seen at once. The clerk says we will need to take covid tests before we can do the strep test. I explained we know what we have and just need ation and will be skipping the covid testing today. He then says he won’t be able to do that, MAYBE the nurse can waive it! So we have been refused medical treatment because we did not want to take an unnecessary screening in your clinic and I now have to find an alternative to hVe my child seen asap. I am absolutely disgusted by the overreach of authority presented in your store today and I will be filing further complaint with the state. This is unethical and dangerous not to mention discrimination against anyone who wants any say in their medical treatment which is illegal.

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I would like to hear back from someone to help explain to me how this behavior or policy is keeping anyone safe? My sister literally died from untreated strep and I am well aware of it's dangers which far exceed any risk of covid to my child!

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