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on 08 April 2022 about CVS Pharmacy in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

We went to CVS and on our visit we attempted to buy Nips candy. We went on Thursday a couple of weeks ago. Nips were on sale. $1.50 for one and the second one costs $0.75; thus, Two cost $2.25. The store was out of Nips. We asked for a rain check. The man we dealt with said no, the sale has two days yet to run, i.e., Friday and Saturday. They may have a truck delivery that will include Nips. Thus, we would have to go back to the store on Friday and Saturday and if they were still out of stock, only then would he give us a rain check.
Generally, rain checks are given if CVS is out of stock when we attempt to buy the item. I’ve never heard that we have to return to the store later in the week for a rain check.

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Suggested solution:

Give a rain check if we go to the store and CVS is out of stock

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