Complaint: Pharmacy WON’T pick up the phone!

on 07 January 2022 about CVS Pharmacy in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

I have called CVS in Greenfield, IN 3 times today, a total of almost an hour of being on hold, having to listen to that awful music and the man constantly repeating himself about the Covid 19 vaccines availabe at CVS. The last phone call attempt, i was on hold for almost 30 minutes, and still no one picked up my call! Every time i try to call this CVS and speak to the pharmacy, they do NOT pick up the phone!!! This is ridiculous and i have no choice but to use CVS due to my insurance or i would simply change pharmacies.

Suggested solution:

They should answer the phone when they hear it ringing! It is very disrespectful to just not answer the phone especially when you are talking about people's health! I have narcolepsy and just needed to make sure my prescription is going to be ready today cause i CAN'T go without it or i will fall asleep driving andor on the job, and I could easily hurt someone or myself!

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