Culvers complaint: Food and restaurant cleanliness

on 14 May 2023 about Culvers in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

We visited Culver’s because when this location first opened we went and everything was wonderful. Today the Burgers we ordered were cold . Cheese not even slightly melted. Tasted like they were sitting around not fresh made. Fries barely warm. We rarely eat out and it is Mother’s Day so we decided to go to Culver’s. We left the terrible food because we don’t send food back we just never go back. Many staff members were at the counter area standing around talking. Garage cans were overflowing throughout the restaurant and the condiment area was dirty with garbage also. Garbage from overflowing cans on floor. We didn’t notice until after we ordered. I never take the time to do this I just don’t return to places like this. But I felt I needed to express how our experience was. Terrible food and dirty restaurant. Now I realize restaurants could have a busy time and it takes time to get things clean. But that is not the case here. I wish I took pictures. So a big waste of out money and will never return. I’m sure other people were as disappointed as us. Absolutely zero excuse for cold food and dirty restaurant. We should have asked for our money back. But we didn’t.
Right next door was a Chic- fil-a that was closed or we might have asked for a refund and gone there. In this day with so many choices of restaurants people will choose to go elsewhere when this happens which we will do.

Suggested solution:

I would like a refund.

Food and restaurant cleanliness
Food and restaurant cleanliness
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