Complaint: Stealing my money

on 26 January 2022 about in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I have the visa prepaid card. This card is terrible for many reasons that do not pertain to this complaint. I have been tirelessly trying to close the card account, and they are literally making it impossible. I have called customer support multiple times. Every time, they say only a higher up can close the account. They also informed me that there is no way for me to get in direct contact with said higher up. They informed me that I have to go through the chat. Then they said the person in the chat will have to inform said higher up to close the account. The average response time for one single message via chat is over 24 hours (Imagine how frustrating that must be for an urgent request). They are also intentionally incompetent, and still have not been able to relay the message to higher ups that I want my account closed. Instead they froze my account with large amounts of money in it. Now I have no way to access the money. This is by far the worst customer experience I have ever had, and I just wish they would reimburse my money instead of stealing it.

Suggested solution:

Allow me to close the card, and reimburse the remaining balance.

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