Complaint: Players not receiving cards that I’ve sent

on 25 February 2022 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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My complaint:

I’ve been sending my daughter cards each day to help her progress within the game and complete sets. Even gold trade cards. My partner also has been sending her cards and she’s not received them. I’ve contacted coin master support via the app and social media and have not had the issue resolved. So much time and effort along with money has been put into the game that as family we all enjoy. But the inconvenience and frustration is beyond words.

I’ve sent videos, statements etc as proof and coin master have still not chosen to resolve this. Especially for all parties involved, myself, partner and daughter. At the beginning we had no issues with sending her cards but this past month I was unable to send them to her as she was not getting them, so had to double send the cards, so I’d send the card my daughter needed to my partner for my partner to then send her. Then two weeks later my daughter is now not getting those either.

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Suggested solution:

I feel the best solution is to send the cards that we sent, or replace the cards she is now needing, along with a joker card and chest with spins for all parties involved. So the cards that I had as duplicate and attempted to trade to my daughter those cards I've now lost should be replaced with something especially for the rarer cards sent, the inconvenience caused and stress should be compensated with a joker card and free spins as we have also missed out on progression as we've had to waste our coins buying chests for cards for my daughter to not received. Along with my partner and daughter as we've all been affected by the same issue

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