City Furniture complaint: Bad service

on 16 January 2023 about City Furniture in category Interior shops

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My complaint:

It started with my old furniture that I bought with city furniture, back in 2019. I had issues with the table which took the repair company multiple time to get right. It took over 3 months and multiple calls to customer service. Come to find out the service tech were not installing the spacers on the table which was the whole problem to begin with. Then the couch I bought had issues with the stitching , so I contacted customer service again, and they had someone come out to stich up the couch, that did last long. I called them again and they to me they were going to order the cover to the couch and would replace it. They told me it would take 6 weeks to get the couch cover. After 3 months I decided to call them to check up, and they informed me that the couch was discontinued. in which, I was upset because no one ever called me to tell me that info. So I called again, and talked to a supervisor, and they told me they they would refund my purchase for the couches and would give me store credit. So last year I bought a whole new couch setup with a glass coffee table. I had to wait for one of the couches, and the glass coffee table because they were on back order. I finally received the second part of my couch back in November, and part of the glass table, and was told the second part of the table will be delivered in December. I waited and called throughout December and was giving the run around by customer service. So finally, the first week of Jan, they delivered the remaining part of the coffee table, which I waited 3 months to get. So after the delivery tech left , I went to move the table and noticed that the table was about to tip over because it wasn’t installed right. After the delivery techs put the table together they didn’t even test anything and just left like everything was ok (I have them on camera). So I called customer service, about 20 minutes after the techs left and noticed they were closed for the day. I then called the next day, and was on the phone for over 2 hours. They told me they would sent someone out to fix but it was going to be 7 days later. I was upset because they didn’t install the table right to begin with, and now I have to wait again. So, I told them I’m not going to wait anymore and want my money back, and to pick up the table. I was told they could only give me store credit, which I don’t want because I’m never shopping at City Furniture again. I also went to the City Furniture store, and talked to the store manager 3 times, and they sent an email to customer service about my complaint and to contact me. I haven’t heard anything yet, and don’t have time to to be on the phone for hours to get nowhere. So I want my money back, not store credit.

Suggested solution:

Pick up and refund my money

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