Complaint: The cashier sherry was very rude and didn’t bother to help

on 05 May 2022 about Circle K in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

I don’t ever file a complaint or anything but I’ve never been treated like this ever and I sure hope no one else gets treated like this …I went to the gas stations and i just went to buy some cigarettes cartons for my uncle. When I approached the lady Sherry I asked her if they have the cigarette cartons 305s and she just stared at me and acted like I was speaking some other kind of language. She was rude, she really didn’t even want to help me or anything. I calmly asked for her to not be rude to me… and yet she was still being so ugly to me and saying that she’s trying to understand what I’m saying…. Everything that I said she would repeat it slowly like with such disrespect ….Then I asked her again if they carried the grey 305s 100s and she walked back and pointed to me asking if I see this and pointed to two different kinds as if I am dumb… I went to this circle k before and I bought these same type of cigarettes before sometimes they’d have to go to the back and grab them for me. But this time She didn’t want to help or bother checking and she had such a bad attitude and was being rude to me. People have bad days and I understand that and sometimes I let it go but this was just the worse experience I’ve ever had in my life…. No one should be treated this way! Ever it’s unacceptable.

Suggested solution:

Be more polite and helpful at least .For someone who works for circle k cashier they’re the basically the face of circle k. I for one would have someone who can represent circle k with a positive image. If she acted like this to me then I’m sure I won’t be the only one. I spoke to her politely and did not get the same back. I don’t think anyone would like to be treated this way.

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