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on 22 August 2022 about Chilis in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

After a long wait and we never complained the manager came out and said they lost our order.3 mini bacon burgers and salad with chicken. Gave us 2 small salads while we continued to wait..BIG DEAL .. The waitress never came back to check on us or to refill our empty tea.. She walked past quite a few times. We were there 2hrs. Really lost our appetite. When we ate in the bar last time it was great!! It was busy no tables that day I ordered shrimp tacos to go. Got home shrimp all over the box. Should have been each wrapped.. This was a very disappointing visit. Manager should have taken the lunches off.

Suggested solution:

Taken lunches of off bill or a gift card so we would come back again.Thank you for your time
Elaine Sandall
8001 Lakeside Way Fort Pierce Fl 34951

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