Cebu Pacific Air complaint: Luggage scam

Complaint from 45142303183 reported on 11 July 2023 about Cebu Pacific Air

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My complaint:

I decided to avail of the 9 KG carry on luggage option and pay extra for some sports equipment.A small cricket bat set for my children as a gift, value $50
I also had in my bag a battery drill.I went on the Cebu pacific website to check but it was contradictory.Part said lithium batteries had to be carry on luggage and it said tools must be checked in.It turns out after I tried to go through security the battery I could take as carry on and the drill and cricket set had to be checked luggage.Because I was forced to check my luggage ( due to the battery drill) cebu pacific charged me $175. Then they said I had to pay another$175 for the cricket bat as it was a seperate item.This would far exceed the price of my international ticket I had purchased.This is a scam and just tricking customers of money.Most airlines will check a carry on bag for free if there is no other option.

Suggested solution:

Refund the $175 I paid to check my bag because I was forced to by the security measures in place at the airport.change the website to inform customers correctly about devices / portable power tools that are allowed to be transported by air and explain power tools and batteries must be separated.Batteries as carry on and tools in checked luggage.Have a policy of offering free checked baggage in exchange for carry on allowance offered when there is no option but to check a bag.

Cebu Pacific Air complaint Luggage scam
Cebu Pacific Air complaint Luggage scam
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