Complaint: Three different transactions were made through my sons bank account on Cash App mounting $170 that he did not authorize nor is it reflected in his cash app history.

on 20 November 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

Cash app is saying that on 10142020 $30.00 was transferred from my son’s cash app account to his sister’s cash app account. This happened again on 1162020 for $40.00 and once again on 11102020 for $100.00. My son’s cash app history as well as my daughter’s does not reflect money sent or received. My name is on my son’s bank account so I was able to file a dispute with the bank as the $170.00 total taken out of my son’s bank account were fraudulent. The bank reviewed the dispute and refunded my son’s account in full. As a result I have had to close my son’s bank account due to fraudulent activity. Cash app has now moved the balance of $170.00 to my cash app account giving me a negative balance. I have offered numerous times to show cash app my son’s and daughter’s cash app histories as both reflect that they have not had cash app transaction with each other since August 2020. I repeatedly asked for an e-mail address to upload snapshot pictures of my kids’ accounts even though I know cash app can pull up their histories for review. My conversations with cash app always end with them saying they have no new information to provide.

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Cash app needs to remove the negative balance from my cash app as there is no proof the transactions ever occurred resulting in the withdrawal of unauthorized funds from son’s bank account. The balance is the responsibility of cash app.
I am not posting any photo for proof on this complaint site as I do not want my kids’ cash app account names posted.

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