Complaint: Scammed Out of $212.00

on 12 September 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I originally sold my Apple Watch on Craigslist to a Julie Williams. In turn, she was to pay me $212.00 thru Cash App. I shipped the watch to a Doral, FL (Ship2Ship address known for scam artists) for the customer to pick up. She in turn received the Apple Watch, and this is when things took a very nasty turn. This Julie Williams states she was charged an additional $212.00 on her account, and she needed to be refunded for it. In turn, a Franklin Blackburn (supposed Cash App agentscammer) texts me, states that Cash App will first refund me a total of $424.00, but I have to pay the buyer (Julie Williams) $212.00 first. Now keep in mind, I haven’t received my money from her. I attempted to send her the $212.00 thru Cash App, but the payment wouldn’t go thru. I told the Cash app agent, he told me the issue was on her end. Julie then states to send the money to her thru ZELLE. Me wanting to do right by the customer, I sent her the $212.00 thru ZELLE, so she got her money. Again, I still haven’t been paid for the Apple Watch yet. Now I receive another email from Cash app, stating I have a total of now $636.00 pending to be refunded to me. I contact Julie ask WTH is going on?? She tells me, Cash app charged her another $212.00, expects me, the seller, to pay her another $212.00. I said hell no, I will not do such a thing! The Cash app agent tells me the only way to get my money for $636.00 is to pay her another $212.00. I knew at this point, I was scammed. I then spoke with a friend of mines who’s a lawyer, he agreed that I was scammed, to file a dispute with my bank to get my money back for the $212.00 which I did. The dispute is being processed. I told the Cash app agent Julie Williams (if that’s the person’s real name) that I’m not sending another dime to anybody, I want my my money ASAP. I told the agent, legal is involved, along with a police report filed, complaint filed to the BBB. Any real company I know would refund any charges back to a customer, especially if the errors was on the company.

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They should resolve the complaint by first of all, refunding the double charge for $424.00 charged to Julie Williams (if she's a real person), and to refund me back my money ASAP for $424.00, due to me paying Julie thru ZELLE, and I still haven't received my money for the Apple Watch sold. Once this has been resolved as such, Cash app should be sued, and shut down immediately for having no customer support whatsoever. No way to contact a real person by phone, and their support email is non-existent as well. From my recent experience, never do a P2P thru Cash App, it's fraudulent!! Only do face to face transactions, as I have done this in the past without any issues whatsoever. The only reason I did this once, is because a lot of people are scared to meet up face to face, due to the plandemic, I meant pandemic.

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