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on 28 July 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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Attention: HazelCashapp Support

Per response to the questions in previous email to

1 Device using Cashapp Samsung Galaxy Note 10

I communicated with a representative of Cashapp via phone on 52620 regarding an inquiry as to whether my daughter’s Cashapp can be linked with my bank on my Cashapp. The representative (John) instructed me to go into my Cashapp and he will guide me through the process of linking my daughter to sync with my bank. Once I was in my app, he guided me remotely as to how to ensure my request was completed. At this point I was unable to maneuver through my app. He navigated through my app, went and sent a payment of 490.45$ to a Kamilah Moore ($kamilahmoore). While on the phone with John, I inquired as to why I was unable to use the arrow in my app. He responded by saying I completed your request. I asked him who is Kamilah Moore, he disconnected the call.
Please note that I contacted the phone number provided on Google (855-351-2274)..After the call was disconnected, I noticed that the number I dialed from Google was immediately transferred to 833-351-2274. I attempted to call the number back and it just kept beeping. In the midst, I clicked on Cancel Payment, yet the option to cancelrefund did not appear in this transaction.

Phone calls made to Cashapp on 52620 reminded me that I couldn’t speak to a live person. I emailed Cashapp 4x on 52620, 3x on 52720, and I received 3 response on 52820 from Cashapp support to my email address noted above. Cashapp (Matt) informed me on 52820 that Cashapp cannot resolve this matter and a refund is not an option. Another email was from Hazel who requested this information for Cashapp.

My last authorized transaction prior to this was a transfer from Venmo in the amount of $544.50 to Cashapp on 52620.The balance prior to this scam was $554.50. As stated above, the unauthorized scam was on 52620 in the amount of $490.45 to $kamilahmoore.

I was completely devastated that is occurred and that there is nothing I can do, noone to call immediately after. I attempted to refund, but again it stated that the transaction was completed. I have been a long standing user of Cashapp, as im sure so is everyone who uses this app, however, if there is no possibility of refunding me, I would no longer use this app. I am aware now that this happened without Cashapp being aware, yet unbeknownst to me, I too was robbed of a large sum of money beyond my control.

In spite of the Coronavirus and not working, this was absolutely horrid timing.

Please Advise.

Elisha Ramberan (267-752-0201) email: or

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Refund me 490$ scammed via app

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