Complaint: Lied to by cash app about stolen money from me

on 07 October 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

On 09272020 2:30pm I find out that my cash app had sent a Rachael King $300 and i do not know this Rachael King very well but did see her 2 nights before at a bar.. Now I know I only had a little over $100 on my account so I look and see that on 09262020 at 12:40am and 12:41 I had somehow sent 2 $100 payments from my debit card to my cash app. So I tried finding a number anything for cash app to let them know I did not do this and this is theft and to cancel transaction. No number or live help or anything so I send them emails and cancel payment in app. Then finally 3 days later after numerous emails from me I get a response so I tell them everything then day or 2 later they tell me that a device I have used before sent the money to her and case is closed. So I know no way possible at 11:36 am Sunday 09272020 that my device or any ive used before could have done it I tried to email them back to tell them this and every email I send or message in their app comes back as mail not sent and they won’t take anything from me. Now she could have Friday at bar got my phone and sent the 2 100 to my cash app but NO WAY Sunday could she have used my phone to send her the money so they just straight up lied to me and now won’t talk to me at all. A 30 billion dollar company lying and ripping me off for a little oh 300 bucks. Now I am so mad I will spend every dime I have seeing them and the stupid thing of it is is she has never even cashed the money yet because it says so but I can’t cancel? They won’t give me my money back and they have canceled payments before and this is theft and fraud and forgery and they LIE to me… I can not wait to see there faces when they get that Supeona in the mail.

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Suggested solution:

Pay me my money and apologize to me especially the ones who lied to me and blocked me from messaging them

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