Complaint: Harassment

on 13 September 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I was having trouble distinguishing my old card from my new, so I called the customer service department and explained the situation to the man. He had me download the app quick support so he could mirror my phones screen. So I did this and he kept having me click on something and then would say ok click the x now go here… nothing again ok click the x again. He basically had me open and then close basically every section on the app. Then he tell me to sign out and then sign back in with the code to verify its me. So I did all this then he says hold on let me get my supervisor ( I believe was who he called over) this guy tells me to click the upper right icon (my pic) and then he says oh is that you in the pic, and im like yes why? He then says wow you look like a bodybuilder and then I felt a little awkward so I say ok whats next then this guy proceeded to say can you click on your pic, i want to see the whole thing, i like pic like this at that point I felt very much like I was being sexually assaulted verbally, uncomfortable and violated by his remarks to me. Then he says click on the card icon and i was already there. Then I say none of these numbers on my old and new card matched the ones showing on the app so I say to him you know what im just going to cancel my card and get a new one because this is getting ridiculous. He then says well if you do that you will have to call us to activate it, and i replied no i can just activate it like i did previously on my app. At which time he makes some weird noise then just hangs up on me. I know the calls were recorded because the first guy told me that we were being recorded, so i want a manager or someone higher up than the 2 men i spoke with to listen to that call so they can see that i was being very polite and they will hear this 2nd man’s (supervisor) sexual remarks about my pic. (My profile pic is of me with my shirt off just about to leave the gym)

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Suggested solution:

I want this man to be reprimanded or fired because he was more interested on staring at my naked chest than to help me and when I wouldn't enlarge the pic he hangs up on me. I didn't get either of their names but the call took place at 11:27am pacific time on September 13th so there shouldn't be a problem finding the recording.

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