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on 28 September 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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I had two transactions made through cashapp that I did not approve of nor do I even know the people it was sent to ! The money was taken directly out of my bank account through my debit card that was linked to my account. So when speaking with my bank they told me that since the (amount, cash tag, and ation) all have to be entered before sending the money that I would have to speak with cashapp in order to get my money back. However, when it came to speaking with customer service on the app i received no help and honestly it is a kind of a pathetic customer service if you ask me, so i tried speaking with somebody on the phone only for them to be even more useless on the phone by telling me that i can’t be helped unless i go through “cashsupport” on the app again. I repeated this probably 4 times before just trying the next day and repeating it a dozen times so I gave it one more shot and of course repeated the same process. All that they can tell me on the app is that “since it was money from my bank that they recommend me speaking to my bank about the matter”. From the start I knew i needed to talk to cashapp and to my surprise it was a completely awful service. I lost $100 due to cashapp and they can’t explain for it or give me it back. I’m honestly at a loss of words because of how irate i am with cashapp!

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Refund the transaction or provide me with my money back! No one received MY approval for anything and my card has been removed from the account!

Completely awful
Completely awful

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2 weeks ago - Complaint is solved by Cash App

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