Complaint: Cash app robbed me

on 20 February 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

My husband sent me a large amount of money through cash app and we were getting ready to get in to our new home so I was just gonna leave the money in my cash app account into I needed it to get furniture and stuff for our new home, and a few days after my husband sent me the money I was checking my bank account to see what my balance was and it showed a $2,000.00 transaction from cash app on my bank account and I was like how is that possible I didn’t send anyone any money and I knew I had over $5,000.00 in my cash app account so I went to cash all and every penny was gone plus the $2,000.00 from my bank account, I was sick, I tried everything to get in touch with someone through cash app they did not do anything, they didn’t even try to help me, they tried saying I sent that money to the 4 different people who got the money, people I don’t know, never met, I randomly sent them $2,000.00 each, they told me to try to request my money back, so I did and everyone declined it and one of them I couldn’t even request my money back from because we aren’t contacts, so how did I send someone mine that I can’t request money from…. I am still sick about this, on top of losing $7,000.00 I lose my dad to a motorcycle accident where someone hit him while he was riding his motorcycle, everything has been so messed up. Cash app doesn’t care what you say, I filed a police report, and they told me to have the law enforcement contact square because square would not do anything to help me but would talk to law enforcement…. the only way you can contact cash app is email, how does that help anyone who has had money stolen from them!

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Help me figure out how to get my money back please! Or I’m gonna talk to a lawyer and sue cash app or square whoever is in charge, pain and stuff and everything!!!!

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