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on 19 July 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I use cash app daily.. mostly for boosts or to purchase something that my bank card won’t use.. it’s linked to Apple Pay and I used it daily . Only received minimal payments and they said it closed because a cash app user charged a payment back. I have emailed them several times because I know who it was and it’s fraud and I’m the victim. No response anymore. They always responded within a day two at most the few years. I really want to know why I am affected when it wasn’t my charge back. This person has charged back every credit card he’s ever owned . Every bank he’s used .. this is a repetitive behavior that I’ve come to find out over the years and I emailed cash app stating this info and I’m the victim and nobody will get back to me and I don’t even know how or if I can proceed without even knowing exact dates , amounts. Who closes accounts when the other party charges their payments back I just don’t get it all!! I also thought they were secure and u had to verify ur identity every payment you sent out .. like Apple how do u explain that..

I’m so angry and upset that I have reached out and stated that I believe I am the victim and no answer..

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Explain exactly what cash app user, what transactions were charged back and reinstate my account because if they looked into this,they would see a repetition of this on every bank, app or credit card!! I get if I charged back payments I sent , but the person I know it is because I haven’t received any payment from others For one, but his cash app still works!! Imagine that!! This is totally flopped and I loved my cash app!!

What bank doesn’t respond when u state you believe your the victim and know the person and what he goes , and just don’t respond!

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