Complaint: Cash App closed my account and kept my money

on 19 December 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I have several prepaid Visa debit cards thai i use being that i don’t hane a regular bank account. These cards have small daily atm withdrawal limits. I needed to take out more than the allotted amount so i had to transfer funds from card to card by adding cash to my cashapp and then link a doesnt debit card. CASH OUT, then keep hitting the atm……. i have literally gone through this process on a daily basis and always done it using cash app. Suddenly it wouldn’t key my link any of MY cards that ive always used.
I then ontacted support via email bc there’s no way to call them. They ask how you would prefer being contacted phone or email, i chose phone and it bc tells you they’ve scheduled a call back within 30 mins. Then id only receive an email saying they tried calling me but couldn’t get a hold of me so they’ve changed my request to an email’d support ticket. I never got the calls and just keep getting the same email saying they tried. Finally i noticed that my notification texts said my transactions were being declined bc my cash card was disabled in the app and to go o the app and enable my cash card. So i tried, and they requested pictures of my card and try my transaction again…
Then i was told in their emailed ticket that there were document requests. That i needed to upload a pic of my card so i sent it.
Then they skeed asked for my photo ID. 20 mins later i tried uploading my ID and was told they’ve closed my account.
The emails say if you have finds on the app to link ypur debit card or checking account to withdraw your funds.
This was 8 days ago and i bbn gave 300 dollars on cashapp but everytime it says card not supported

Then i connect support again and consistently only get an email saying AGAIN to lick a card or bank account. The 300 dollars is from a refunded online purchase using the cash card provided by cash app. Now i can’t get any help besides these same emails telling me they’ve closed my account and to link SMS withdraw any remaining balance to my bank. 16 emails said they’ve tried calling but couldn’t reach me. Now 300 dollars is stuck po n cashapp and they give me mo way of getting my money.

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Suggested solution:

Lllre- enable my cash card to i can withdraw my 300 dollars and we can all move on with our lives.

Cash App closed my account and kept my money
Cash App closed my account and kept my money
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