Complaint: $155 cash payment not received

on 25 January 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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January 11, 2021 my sister Ursula Walker $mrsuwalker sent $155 to Kathy Gray-Howard $LIAMinistry but I didn’t receive it. Later, she asked me why I hadn’t said anything about her $25 donation for the elderly food drive we had yesterday and her $130 tithes. I told her I didn’t receive it. We began contacting cashapp but every message reply was general almost like it was computer generated and had a different person’s name attached to the email but never any straight answers of where the $155 payment is. They just keep insisting my cashtag is $liaministry but its not I screenshot them the completed transaction from $mrsuwalker cashapp account, the refund request she made to $liaministry, a screenshot of her page showing the deposit on 1112021 to $liaministry and the bottom shows her weekly deposit of $140 for this week for her tithes to $Liaministry which is my account. I emailed them when I first opened this account because when another member tried to make a deposit or pressed the pay button $lia with a big L logo kept coming up so I requested her $100 payment from $LIAMinistry account and she paid. But again, I did not know $mrsuwalker had already sent and completed the $155 payment otherwise, I would have requested her $155 the same way. But all of that is beside the point, the point is cashapp is saying $liaministry is my cashtag but if it is why is every other transaction showing as complete on my page with the exception of $155 from $mrsuwalker? Why does she have the completed page, refund request page pending and it shows who she made the $155 to and where she made the $140 payment to last night they are different cashtags but cashapp will not give either of us any straight answers of where the $155 is or who received it. It makes me feel unsecure, for God sake we have our bank cards connected to these accounts! If cashapp or Lincoln Bank does not care about the whereabouts of the $155 after the refund request, many emails with screenshots attached that would mean they are untrustworthy to have our bank cards attached and we will close our accounts after the refund if thats what they want. However, I use 2 cashapp accounts 1 is my personal account $KathyGrayHoward and the other is my Ministry account because the pandemic has forced us to go online and since I love cashapp’s easy way to send and receive funds I thought it was a good idea but this is ridiculous.

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Suggested solution:

Refund $mrsuwalker her $155 because we have the proof that she sent it to $liaministry and I attached a screenshot of my cashtag $LIAMinistry. I also attached screenshot of completed transaction on 1112021, refund request that is still pending from her account plus the screenshot showing the $155 transaction to $liaministry and the transaction from last night to $LIAMinistry completed that I received. What more do we have to do? I'm attaching them to you below unfortunately they will only allow 1 but have the others.

$155 cash payment not received
$155 cash payment not received
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