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My complaint:

The letter below was sent to Carvana a month ago. After the letter was read I was promised an extended registration by email that was never received. Then I was promised the extended registration by mail and never received it. Last week I spoke with Dayna Johnson, Lead advocate and she promised to email me the extended registration and emailed me a copy of a registration belonging to another vehicle. If this was your child or your mother would they go through this? I don’t think so. Please take the lead on my case before someone else does. There has been problem after problem since I purchased this car. Promise after promise (all documented) never kept. All I want to do is drive my vehicle and can’t because I don’t have an updated registration. Please read the letter below to understand the entire background of my case. It also points out how Carvana Finance department tried to deduct $1,300 from my account without my permission.


Hello Senior Staff Members,

I’m reaching out in desperation to seek help with my account. I am not receiving the assistance and support to help me resolve my concern. I purchased a vehicle (Mazda 6) from Carvana on 921, which went through a rebuilding process. Before the rebuild, I was told by Leslie (senior advocate-advisor) that it would not affect my terms. At that time I also purchased an additional vehicle (CX-5 Mazda) in mid-November and signed the contract which had a delivery date of November 27th. That vehicle was put on hold and kept in Leslie’s personal account until the rebuild for the Mazda 6 was completed. I was also told that these terms wouldn’t be changed since I already signed the contract. It was stated that all I had to do is reset the delivery date for the Mazda CX-5 after the rebuild of the Mazda-6.

The outcome of this hurts me financially and the commitments and promises (all documented) were broken. Leslie also felt that this was not right after I reached out to her 2 days ago.

See 2 concerns below

1) The Mazda-6 (was rebuilt) after I paid $700 down and was told that my terms would be the same after the rebuild. I have had this vehicle in my possession since 921. They are now asking for an additional $1,300 towards the down payment. I did resign the updated contract thinking that the only change was the registration from Pa to De so it was not read fully. I had this vehicle for 3 months now and have made all payments on time or early. They are now saying I cannot get my registration extended or updated until the $1,300 additional down payment is paid in full. That said, my temp- registration expires on December 20th and the vehicle I purchased from Carvana will not be registered. I don’t have the money for this and I cannot agree to the 4 months of installments because it doesn’t leave my vehicle registered after December 20th. I was assured that none of this would happen. I am now faced with returning a vehicle (Mazda-6) that I cannot drive due to this financial burden. To add to this the payment resolution team attempted to pull funds from my bank account without my permission. That said, there are no funds in the account. See the document attached from the Payment resolution mailbox.

2) Mazda CX-5 – I purchased it in mid-November and completed all verifications, and paid a $300 down payment. I then signed the contract and had a delivery date which Leslie can also verify. The financing team (Amber) told me that I never completed the verification or purchase. They are now asking for a $2000 down payment to purchase the same vehicle that I already purchased with a signed contract and had a delivery date.

This is all confusing because they want me to honor the rebuilt contract for the first vehicle, but cannot honor the original contract for the Mazda CX-5. I have sought counsel on this and it appears that I am being treated unfairly and that I have rights under contract laws with current documentation, as well as Leslie’s word the senior advocate for Carvana. At the end of the day, I should have a registered vehicle with unchanged terms on the Mazda 6 that has been in my possession for 3 months now. I should also have a new delivery date for the Mazda CX-5 due to the signed contract and completed verification process. Instead, the rebuild has taken so much from me. I’m losing the Mazda CX-5 and possibly the Mazda 6. Both purchases are asking for a combined extra funding of $3,300. In addition, they also flagged my account due to the added down payment of $1,300.00 on the Mazda 6. I already paid a down payment of $700 in the first contract, and again, was told there will be no changes. None of this was explained to me prior to the rebuild. This process has caused a lot of stress. Please share this with someone if I’m using the wrong channels of communication. There has to be some type of medium on this. I should not be faulted for the miscommunication of the Carvana staff that handled my accounts insufficiently. Please also feel free to speak with Leslie, she can verify this entire process. I’ve added some of the communications from Carvana regarding the Mazda 6 below. I can also share additional communications from Carvana staff members if required. Please help me with this.


Tyrone Dunston

Suggested solution:

Waiving the additional $1,300 and refunding what I already paid towards the rebuild and extended registration. Also by issuing my registration immediately, via email.

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