Carvana complaint: Deceptive Sale and Marketing

on 01 November 2022 about Carvana in category Automotive

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My complaint:

I purchased a vehicle from Carvana at the end of January, they delayed delivery date after scheduling date stating the car would not start. Once I received the vehicle I called them about a broken seat, and stalling issues; Carvana referred me to there warranty company who set me up with a certified mechanic in my area. Once I got there they refused to fix the broken seat, the driving door was not in alignment and the hood was off centered as if vehicle had been in an accident. However, the sales and marketing state the vehicle went through a 150 int inspection and they guaranteed no vehicle were in accident, frame damage, flood or free. Secondly, I got a flat few weeks ago and the tire repair states the tires were at the band and ll 4 ties needed to be replaced cost 1600.00. If this vehicle went under an inspection how could they miss all of these very noticeable mechanical issues.

Suggested solution:

I want them to verify i this vehicle was in an accident, completely fix the vehicle or replace it at no additional cost or refund my money for the entire purchase price. I see the State of Michigan is already aware of many issues with Carvana.

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