Complaint: Won’t pay for repair on Air Conditioner

on 04 May 2022 about CarShield in category Insurance Companies

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My complaint:

My AC would not function. The compressor on my vehicle would not function. The clutch pulley that is a part of the compressor would also not function. A new compressor ordered from GM which was in stock has the pulley built onto the compressor. If I had to wait for a pulley, there are no pulley’s available and no projected date for the part to come in. The pulley is $9 cheaper than the compressor with the pulley and one more hour labor to install. CS said they won’t cover the repair because a pulley is not listed. So I guess CS does not truly repair an AC system because it won’t work without the pulley that is connected to the compressor itself (a nice bad door escape for CS) I guess CS does not care that my wife that is a Breast Cancer Survivor and Diabetic has to ride around in a car with no AC!!!!! Wasted $100 per month for no coverage!!!

Suggested solution:

Pay for the repair- plain and simple!

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