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My complaint:

On multiple occasions when at register to pay for items, I am told different prices of items than the price posted.

When i ask for a particular item i am told they do not have any. These items includes. snickers individual apples …

I was also denied a bag saying they dont have any though the bags was in plain sight. When i pointed to plastic bag the cashier then, with attitude, grab bag and placed it on counter and made me pack my own groceries.

This behaviour is not just from one employee but from a few of cashiers at the said location.
I currently feel unwelcomed at that store after having to report such conducts to supervisor by phone.

The attitude of cashiers are in a very inconsiderate and unwelcoming tone. And rushing. Though the store is usually empty.

I reported

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Suggested solution:

That a training coarse is conducted. On how to treat customers. Also for complaints of employees can be heard and addressed in trustful way....
For the negative attitude is so spreaded at this store i believe there may be dissatisfaction about how employees are treated.

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