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My complaint:

I visited the drive thru at store BK 28485 on 410 at 8:30am. Cahier over charged me and gave me wrong breakfast sandwiches with my order. I had to go back through the drive thru wait another 15 minutes so she could correct my order. The manager came to the window and verified my order. As I’m driving off I grab one of my 2 sandwiches that I ordered (2 bacon, egg cheese biscuits w large hash brown). I bit into a bacon, egg cheese croissant). I go back through the drive thru for the 3rd time to question the bread on my sandwich and the manager says we don’t have anymore biscuits. I said fine and asked if he could replace my side of hash browns as they were cold by then and he refused. I asked for his name and the store so I could file a complaint he refused to give me any information and closed the drive thru window on me.

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The manager should of told me about them not having anymore biscuits. He should not have refused the info I requested from him. He should have been more polite.

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Dorothy Thompson
Dorothy Thompson (@guest_2974)
5 months ago

I went there just now and they refused to do my order and told me they would rather refund the order and for me to never come back, South Phoenix does not need businesses like this.