Complaint: Unhealthy Enviroment

on 29 December 2020 about Burger King in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Customers lining up at the Drive through at the Burger King fast foods on Malabar road , Palm Bay should pay strict attention to the employees especially the ones that are dispensing the food, Recently I have had to make a Complaint to their Head office as none of the employees wore masks. Today was a little different as most of the employees did have masks except the one that was dispensing the food and was in constant conversation with other employees while dispensing food from at least one to two feet. I brought it to the attention of all of the workers that were standing around that his actions might have been unhealthy especially with the covid 19 virus now running rampant in the USA without a mask even in normal conditions imagine the amount of Saliva droplets that may have been dispensed by the employee that was unmasked, It would be greatly appreciated if the Management of this outlet pay special attention to this very serious matter,and to those employees that obviously tried to stand up for Him when I drew it to their attention should have at least been more attentive in order to maintain a Healthy enviroment.

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Management of that particular location is putting peoples life at risk and should be informed about it.

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