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My complaint:

We went to Burger King on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 around 6:00 for 2 Jr. Whoppers and large fries. After 3 or 4 cars were served and when we pulled up for service we were told the registers were down and would be back up around 6:30. It was raining badly so went to Walmart parking lot but didn’t go inside because we wanted to go back to Burger King at 6:30. When we got there, we were told the registers were down. There was a sign that said they were closing at 7:00 so I feel who ever was running the place decided not to take anymore orders. I am aware of Covid Pandemic and restaurants being short of help but registers down most of the time as an excuse to not take orders has gotten old. I see so many cars not being served and a great deal of money is being lost because of someone not doing their job running the place. Actually, this needs to be looked into because I have gotten tired of going and can’t be served. I could understand if there had been a storm but no power outage during the rain and even on sunny days the power is out. Seems like they could come up with a different excuse??

Suggested solution:

They could stop lying and run the place the way it should be ran. They could put a big, readable sign, even before getting to the place where orders are taken informing customers their registers are down and are not taking orders.

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